We can support people with a range of interpreting services

BSL/English Interpreter
Our professionals are qualified and trained to interpret between two languages – English and British Sign Language in a variety of settings.

Sign Supported English
A professional who can take the signs from British Sign Language and use them in the order that the words would be spoken in English.

A lip speaker is a hearing person who has been professionally trained to be easy to lipread.

The lip speaker makes sure they are clearly visible to the lipreader and accurately repeats the spoken message silently.

Deafblind Communication

Deafblind manual
The interpreter will finger spell words onto the hand of the Deafblind person.

Deafblind – Block
The interpreter will draw the shape of capital letters on the palm of the Deafblind person’s hand.

Deafblind – BSL Hands on
This method of communication is based on British Sign Language. The deafblind person follows the signs of the interpreter by placing his/her hands over those of the interpreter and feeling the signs formed.

Deafblind – BSL Visual Frame
For people with limited vision, British Sign Language can still be used. In this case, the interpreter will sign within the person’s remaining field of vision – adapting the signs to ensure that they can be seen.

Deafblind – Tadoma
The Deafblind individual places their thumb on the interpreter’s lips and their fingers along the jawline. It is sometimes referred to as ‘tactile lipreading’, as the person who is deafblind feels the movement of the lips, as well as the vibrations of the vocal chords.

Speech to Text reporting
The specially trained Reporter takes down the verbatim spoken word by typing what she/he hears onto a Palantype or Stenograph keyboard. This is not typing every letter but words, phrases and shortcuts (thus enabling it to be word for word). The computer programme then translates it into English, which appears in large print on the laptop/projector screen.

Manual/Electronic Notetaking
A note taker will record a summary of the meeting, ensuring that the important facts/notes are noted using either pen and paper in large print or a laptop connected to a braille reader.

Deaf Relay
When a deaf person has a specific language need, has a disability or uses a different sign language, we can provide a Deaf Relay interpreter. Working with a BSL/English interpreter, they will assist with communication and monitor understanding.

Online via webcam
We can provide an interpreter for short notice bookings or emergencies via a webcam link.